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How to Find the Right Discounts on Interior Design Services

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Navigating the Pros and Cons of Discounts in Interior Design Service

Discounts can be both positive and negative in interior design and execution services. On the one hand, they allow you to save money and restrict your budget going further up; however, discounts can also have serious drawbacks.

The Pros of Discounts

  • Doing more within the same budget.

  • Quality work at a reduced price (if you find the right designer/contractor).

The Cons of Discounts

  • Appointing low-skilled manpower due to tight budget.

  • Compromised vision and creativity of the designer.

  • Aesthetically unappealing due to the use of replica materials.

  • Low warranty products especially lights and furniture to cut down on cost.

"Do take the discount, but first check whether you'll get compromised quality or the quality you want." – Interior Specialist

How to Find the Right Discounts

  • Knowing your interior budget before starting and during the process is always good

  • Look for the highest worth of Items in the entire cost given by the interior designer/Contractor and discuss to replace high worth items with similar cost-effective alternatives

  • Interior is all about finishes so any alternative solutions agreed upon between you and the interior designer should not greatly impact the outer finishes (Examples of outer finishes like laminate, veneer, paint, polish, texture paint, graffiti, or any other wall treatment, etc.)

  • Always look for teams with more experience in a typical style or project. ( Home interior work not to be done by Office Interior designers and vice versa )

  • Check the number of projects being executed by a designer or turnkey firm in the same location/ project by personally visiting or looking at actual photographs of completed Interiors.

  • If you are confident you can keep some of the high-worth items in your scope but cautiously you need to be thorough with its cost, transportation lead time, quality checklist, working, when to order, etc.

  • Discounts can be asked over the cost of transportation.

  • Ask for a discount on only standard items (like Furniture, paint, light, etc.) and not customized items (Wardrobe, TV unit, false ceiling, texture paint, etc.)

  • Spare some budget which you may end up buying yourself like electronic equipment (TV, fridge, AC, Oven, etc.)

  • Always keep some budget aside for furnishing (Curtains, Bedspread, sheets, quilts, rugs, soft furnishings, etc.) and artifacts (Nameplates, statues, wall-hung artifacts, ceiling-hung artifacts, etc.)

  • While for items that you need to go for selection with your designer priory know their base price before finalizing to avoid cost escalation

The same goes for interior execution services. Discounted prices can lead to the re-use of materials and low-grade workmanship, resulting in not only delay in projects but impacting the overall aesthetic of the space and creating long-term problems.


In conclusion, discounts on interior design and execution services can be a great way to save money and make your budget go further, but it's important to be mindful of the potential drawbacks. Lower-quality materials, poor workmanship, and compromised vision and creativity are just a few of the potential drawbacks of taking advantage of discounts. However, by doing your research and finding the right designer or contractor, you may be able to get work at a reduced price. Whether or not discounts in interior design and execution services are worth it will ultimately depend on your individual needs and budget. Before making a decision, take the time to thoroughly research your taste and preference and the amount spent by people with a similar taste in the market

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