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The Design Process

Creating Solutions For Your Space

The Uniworks Designs Studio team members are trained to be active listeners so that clients will be satisfied with our work from the very beginning. We believe that a crucial part of any design process is the initial design brainstorm between the client and the designer. We are here to listen to our clients wants and needs, and transform them into truly beautiful works of art.

Services We Offer

What We Offer

Interior Designing

Sometimes the little things make all the difference. With our Design Consultation services, we’ll be able to transform your space and set the mood. Whatever your space needs may be, our team of experts and architects are here to make sure you feel at home in the space you live or work in. Contact us today and get started.

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Interior Execution

From furnishings and material selection to interior architectural execution we imbue each space with the owner’s unique style and personality. Brighten up your space with our decorative and functional Spatial Planning that meets the needs of each area. Get in touch with us today to start benefiting from our outstanding services.

If you would like to learn more about the services provided by Uniworks Designs Studio, please contact us by phone or by email.

Design Process

Simple & Timely

Requirement Consultation

Design Idea Presentation


Design Agreement

Build Process

Simple & Timely

Project Team Takes Over

Vendor Allocation

On-site Supervision


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